Guarantee of rights

How do wazafne platform Guarantee your rights?

wazafne platform Guarantee your rights, be sure to create any new projects or submit your offers on the projects offered on the site, where the wazafne platform as a mediator between the owner of the project and the owner of the experience and protects the rights of the financial parties in case of compliance with the terms of the wazafne platform and warranty clauses clarify the agreement perfectly.

In case you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us and clarify the problem and we will reply you as soon as possible.

To ensure your right, please make sure to follow the following rules:
Owner of the project :

Write down your project in detail and explain all the points that the freelancer needs to do so clearly so that you get the best offers for your project, as well as specify a suitable time period and budget for the project.

If the freelancer offer is different in the period and budget you have offered, and you choose it, the offer of the freelancer will be applicable in terms of implementation and budget.

You can communicate with any freelancer who adds an offer to your project, and the freelancer can be modified his offer after you communicate with him.

Any important information you give to the (freelancer) is at your responsibility : passwords, phone number, personal accounts.

You will not be able to edit any data related to your project after your project receives the first offer from the freelancer.

When there was a problem with an freelancer tried to solve with him in a friendly manner did not receive the project, he has not received his money yet.

After you accept the offer of the freelancer will be able to communicat withim at same project without the need for any external means of communication.

If the freelancer has completed his work, will request the delivery of the project and you will receive an notification . If you have any incomplete modifications or details in the project you can ask the freelancer to complete it before you receive the project.

If you receive the project, it means that you got exactly what you wanted, and ended the communication between you and the freelancer and got the profits from the work and you can not cancel the project or request any amendment here.

In case the freelancer does not respond to you to complete the project within the specified period, you can cancel the work with him and Valuation him.

Remember to discuss all the details with freelancer before you accept his offer and start working.
Do not use external transfer and does not require any means of communication, such as email, social accounts or mobile … wazafne platform will not protect you if contact outside the platform.

freelancer or employee :

Your offer must be clear and relevant to the project you are offering, so consider it well and provide a budget and a time that is right for you.

You will not be able to edit your offer after adding . unless the project owner is in touch with you. You can modify your offer.

Ask the owner of the project carefully about his project and details before starting it and explain what you will do, and do not ask for information you do not need, such as phone number and passwords.

After the project owner has accepted your offer, the project amount will be booked from his account balance at the wazafne platform . You will receive the amount when the project is received by the owner.

You can communicate via wazafne platform messages with the project owner at any time after accepting your offer.

after the project is completed you can press the submit button and the project owner will be notified.

If your work is good and complete, the project owner will receive the project and you will receive the agreed amount.

external communication means loss of security and protection of the wazafne platform directly and may expose you to financial problems with the owner of the project.

If you offers submission of the projects not mastered work and wasting time of entrepreneurs through the delay in implementation or non-implementation will lead to the evaluation of your account negatively by them and may lead to cancel your account at the wazafne platform .