Common questions

wazafne site guarantees your financial right completely so there is no need for any concern If you create any new projects or submit your offers on the projects displayed on the site, the site will serve as a mediator between the owner of the employers and the freelancers and protects the rights of the financial parties in case of compliance with the terms of the site

In case of direct communication and payment outside the wazafne platform the site is not responsible about mistakes or problems between the parties

wazafne platform commission

wazafne platform charge commission on the projects and services that are carried out through the wazafne platform , which enable it of the costs, continuity and continuous development of the service and the constant announcement of it to attract business owners from inside and outside China.

How does the site work?

Ask for a service or project you want to implement

Order the service you want or the project you want to implement, write the details you want in the service or project accurately and write the approximate price you want .. Then you will receive offers from the freelancers

Choses the offer

Among the offers for your project, choose the appropriate offer for the project requirements and then start the implementation stage and pay and will keep your name on the wazafne platform me until you receive the work

Receive the service or project

The freelancer you choose will work with you until the end of your project and the delivery of your project fully as you wanted and in the case of non-completion, your money is Return back for you. Actually you pay for the work you receive easily and safely